About the Podcast

This show is about going through the Christian scripture book by book, chapter by chapter, word for word - and we won’t skip the hard parts.

My goal is to do this in a way that enables discussion between believers and non-believers. This is not a preachy service, but a walk through what really is and isn’t in the scripture so we can have a constructive debate and not get distracted by arguing over things that aren’t really there in the first place.

I also want to be clear about what we will not be covering: we will not be going deep into the various issues and trivia that divide the different denominations. If there’s enough support on the Patreon page, I may set up a separate show for that purpose. This main podcast will remain centered around the core of Christian belief that is common to all denominations - what C. S. Lewis referred to as “Mere Christianity”.

About the Host

For as long as I can remember I’ve always embraced the idea of the “Renaissance Man” - I’ve been a swim coach, teacher, programmer, server admin, and all sorts of other jobs related to or combining the talents of all of them. I hope to add in apologist and lay theologian with this podcast. I’ve been told I’m a rather complicated person … and I think some of them meant it as a compliment. :)